A shipwrecked Viola washes up on the shore of Illyria with nothing but the clothes on her back. Assuming her twin brother Sebastian to have drowned, Viola disguises herself as a boy and assumes the name Cesario in order to strike out on her own as a page to the Count Orsino. Orsino, sick in love with the aloof Olivia, grows fond of Cesario and sends him to woo Olivia on his behalf. Olivia in turn grows rather too fond of Cesario (who is actually Viola) whose feelings towards Orsino are likewise growing fonder. Add in some mistaken identities, a singing fool, a drunken uncle, and a dour butler with dreams of grandeur et voila! Hilarity ensues.

Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Director: TBA

Assistant Directors: TBA
Production Intern: TBA

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