7,200+ lines to memorize during

120+ hours of rehearsal for
6 shows (and 2 showcases) – that’s
4 productions in
3 weeks for
2 sessions, all adding up to
1 unforgettable summer

Familiarize yourself with the shows before arriving for orientation by perusing the pages in this section.

Each show page contains a general (and flippant) description of the play, bolstered by a note straight from each director. The show pages in this section include  full-length online editions of the six shows comprising the 2017 ASCTC summer season. (The scripts that we use at camp will be cut to a one-hour performance length.) Campers should read all of the plays in their session before arriving for orientation, and we highly recommend campers bring a hard-copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works (any edition will do – we recommend the Norton Third Edition) to camp to use for classes, workshops, and general reference.

Session 1: June 18 – July 9, 2017

Orientation and Move-in: Sunday June 18
Auditions: Monday June 19
Final Performances: Sunday July 9
Titus Andronicus (by William Shakespeare)
Henry IV, Part 1 (also by William Shakespeare)
The Sea Voyage (by William Shakespeare, John Fletcher, and Philip Massinger except without the Shakespeare part)

Session 2: July 16 – August 6, 2017

Orientation and Move-in: Sunday July July 16
Auditions: Monday July 17
Final Performances: Sunday August 6
Love’s Labour’s Lost (by – you guessed it – Willy Shakes)
King Lear (by Lia Wallace – jk it’s by Shakespeare)
The Knight of the Burning Pestle (by William Shakes – GOTCHA! it’s by Francis Beaumont)