How do the auditions work?
On the first full day of camp, we spend the morning holding unified auditions in order to cast each of the session’s three shows as well as the roles for the mid-session Showcase.  Auditions are a combination of traditional monologue performance and collaborative improvisational techniques which simply require a willingness to play and creative choices in the moment. All administrative staff, show directors, RDAs, and production interns are present for these auditions.

When will the cast lists be posted?
Staff sits down to hammer out casting immediately after the auditions end, while campers go to lunch and then take their introductory voice workshop with Allison Glenzer. We do our very best to post cast lists and distribute scripts for the three main shows before dinner that same day, so campers can begin familiarizing themselves with their parts before the readthroughs held that evening. Casting for the mid-session Showcase is contingent on the main show casting, and campers will receive their Showcase roles and scripts in the middle of the first week.

Will I be cast in one show or all three?
Each ASC Theatre Camp participant is cast in only one of the three shows we have slated for each Session. You might receive one role or several depending on the demands of the play. All campers will also be cast in the mid-session Showcase.

What do I have to do in order to prepare for auditions?
All campers must prepare a 10-15 line monologue to perform in auditions. Monologues must be approved by Camp Director Lia Wallace before audition day. To get monologue approval, all campers must fill out the appropriate audition form, which includes a section for entering the texts of their top three monologue choices. Lia will try to give everyone their first choice, but we do not allow multiple campers in a session to use the same monologue and choices are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where are the audition forms?
You can find links to the audition forms in the Audition Forms section of the website.

I’m not very familiar with Shakespeare… can you help me choose a monologe?
Of course! If you’re not sure where to start, check out Shakespeare’s Monologues, an excellent resource for finding the perfect Shakespearean monologue for you. Or feel free to ask for advice by getting in touch with Lia directly at

Will I get a chance to show off any other special skills during the auditions?
Absolutely. We’ll have a special skills section of the auditions for all campers to show off any special skills they’d like us to take into consideration during casting. Special skills include (but are by no means limited to) music (vocal or instrumental), dance, accents, juggling, stage combat, acrobatics… whatever you’ve got, we want to see it.

Does that mean I’m allowed to bring musical instruments with me to camp?
Allowed? More like ENTHUSIASTICALLY ENCOURAGED! Bring any and everything you have that may be helpful for mounting a performance.

What else should I know about the auditions?
The auditions contain several sections and multiple chances for campers to display their various skills, including both ensemble work and individual performance. In other words, auditions are a group experience. Some of you may be seasoned auditioning veterans; others may be experiencing them for the first time. Shakespeare wrote his plays for a company of actors, not a single spotlight-stealer. We will be watching not only how you work and perform, but how you work and perform collaboratively with your fellow artists, and you better believe that we take everything into account when making casting decisions.

Does the ASC Theatre Camp have a casting policy?
Indeed we do. We support and follow the rules outlined by the American Shakespeare Center’s general casting policy:

We look for actors of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities.  We frequently cast women as male characters and sometimes men as female characters.  We cast actors of color in any/all roles.  We believe that Shakespeare’s plays tell the stories of all of us and we want our casting to reflect that.