Getting Ralph’d again! Session 2 takes a turn.

I took lots of video during Ralph’s lecture today, so I could try and show the folks watching at home what it’s like to “get Ralph’d.”

I figure between videos and photos, I could probably stop talking altogether. But that would not be a very accurate depiction of the camp experience, to be fair. Loquacious Lia needs to have her say.

Valerie agrees with me, and Ralph is making a funny face. Let’s focus on what’s important.

Lest you think the day was all Pestle and no substance, here’s a bonus video of Hillel taking on one of Ralph’s favorite characters – Don Armado, from Love’s Labour’s Lost.

Here’s hoping you feel a little Ralph’d — even if it’s just through the computer screen.

If music be the food of love…

Play on!

PS – The only thing I’m currently digging like more than the workshop itself (led by Chris Johnston, veteran ASC actor and musician extraordinaire) is the “video playlist” feature whose existence I have just discovered. How neat is that?!