You that way, we this way.

With a bang and no whispers, the first session of ASCTC 2017 draws to a close.

For the last three weeks, we’ve been steeped in a world where the irreverent merriness of wacky dysfunctional family cannibalism struggles to coexist with the real horrors of humanity, and the damage we are capable of inflicting upon one another. We laughed, listened, and learned. The journey was rough sometimes; the conversations emotional and uncomfortable. But every single one of us (staff and campers alike) made it to the end with a little more empathy, a little more understanding, and a lot more love to put into this world of ours.

The time has come to say goodbye to Henry and Titus and Sea Voyage, but the work continues as we all try to move forward with love and compassion, willing to engage with empathy and listen to answers we may not expect to get or want to hear when we ask the hard questions. I could not be prouder of the work these 29 unique individuals allowed me to bear witness to, and I won’t soon forget it.

Of course, there’s no rest for the wicked! The Extended Experience Week campers are ready to start interning in the Marketing department tomorrow. Some campers are staying on from Session 1 while the Session 2 “early” arrivals showed up this morning to help us with the Festival — and, as you can see, with our session strike. (Topher is being oh so helpful.) We’re looking forward to a fruitful XXW and a fun lead-up into Session 2. I can’t wait to see what the next 37 individuals descending upon Staunton for the next session of ASCTC 2017 have in store for us.

Behold! The Session 1 Final Performance Festival approacheth!

We’re heading into a week of midnight dress rehearsals and the camp takeover of the final preshow songs before the shows put on this week by the  ASC resident troupe. It’s the home stretch, and we’re so excited to polish the work we’ve been doing these last two weeks and show it off to everybody on Sunday, July 9!

We now have an official schedule of events for the entire day, including the order of the shows as they will be performed on the day itself.

2017 Session 1 Performance Festival Schedule

Sunday, July 9

10:00 am —————————————————————–

Welcome Brunch at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel

Complimentary and open to immediate family (RSVP required)

11:00 am —————————————————————-

Blackfriars Playhouse opens for seating

Admission is free and open to the public.
Seating is first-come, first-served.
No RSVP necessary.

11:15 am —————————————————————-

Official Welcome to the Playhouse and the Festival

Director of Mission Ralph Alan Cohen, Director of Education Sarah Enloe, and Camp Director Lia Wallace will welcome friends and family to join us in celebrating this festive occasion

11:45 am —————————————————————-

Henry IV, Part 1 performance

12:45 pm —————————————————————-

Lunch Break (1 hour)

Pick up preordered lunches in upstairs lobby.
Additional lunches will not be available for sale on the day of the Festival.
Campers are not permitted to leave the Playhouse.

1:45 pm —————————————————————-

Titus Andronicus performance

2:45 pm —————————————————————-

Coffee Break

Join us in the Playhouse lobbies (upstairs and downstairs) for complimentary coffee and nibbles

3:00 pm —————————————————————-

The Sea Voyage performance

4:00 pm —————————————————————-

Strike and Photo Sessions

Parents are welcome to hang around for the picture sessions and take their own group shots, but please follow any and all instructions given by our official photographer, Lindsey Walters of the fabulous Miscellaneous Media Photography — she knows what she’s doing. Parents will get access to all production photos (including the group photos) once Lindsey finishes editing them and creating galleries for you to access.
No need to wait for your camper, who will have lots to do after the photo sessions. Instead, parents should head on up to the Celebration Picnic when the shows (or pictures) are done — we’ll bring your campers up to the picnic for food, fawning, and final festivities.

4:45 pm —————————————————————-

Celebration Picnic in Hunt West Dining Hall

Complimentary to friends and family (RSVP required)

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm ————————————————–

Camper Check Out

‘Til next summer! We’ll miss you.

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