Playing Politics – A Showcase of Power & Payback

Looking for the entrance to tonight’s Showcase performance? It’s okay – the entrance is a little hard to find.

Walking on Frederick Street, you want to turn onto Fillmore Street, where you’ll see a metal fence with a bungee attachment separating you from this big field with the basketball court at one end and the open door right ahead of you. Go towards the door! You’ll find us!

Ur not sittin’ on this Saturday.


This may be my new favorite picture. Lay on, Macduff!



And let us not forget the piece de resistance. So the folks  back home can sing along!

Rehearse your parts!

Pestle rehearsal shenanigans

King Lear exploring the Blackfriars Playhouse


Getting started on Showcase!

This session, the story is called “Playing Politics” — campers got their scripts and their casting a few days earlier than their Session 1 counterparts (because we read the camper surveys and fix what we’re able to fix whenever we can!). I’m super excited to dive into this story with this group of nutter butters. We’re gonna have so much fun!