Ur not sittin’ on this Saturday.


This may be my new favorite picture. Lay on, Macduff!



And let us not forget the piece de resistance. So the folks  back home can sing along!

Meeting and Greeting.

Seeing the joy and excitement of these campers when they get the chance to spend some face time with the ASC actors they’ve been watching onstage and working with in master classes is always one of the most rewarding moments of camp. The actors have always been beyond generous with their time and talent, and the campers have always been beyond thankful for the opportunity to chat with their heroes.

“Walk abroad, and recreate yourselves.” Our first day off!

The first few days of camp are quite the whirlwind. You’re in a new place, surrounded by new people, and oh how about you do an audition and a 3-hour voice class and read throughs and first rehearsals and text prep and showcase casting and, well, general sensory overload. Wednesday gave us all a chance to relax, reset, and take stock of all that’s happened thus far — and get ready to dive headlong into the experience of camp.

The staff was likewise glad to have a chance to catch our collective breaths…

Bonus video of one our super crazy talented campers noodling around on the Split Banana Piano:

Early Arriver’s BBQ – Let’s start Session 2!

I can’t believe it’s that time again. Less than a week ago, we were celebrating the amazing work of the Session 1 campers and their final performance festival — a joyous affair tempered by the bittersweet taste of parting from new-made friends. I’d love a bit more time to muse and mourn, but time marches ever forward and tomorrow we kick off Session 2 of the 2017 ASC Theatre Camp.

Five early arrival campers joined the XXW campers in Staunton today, with 27 more set to arrive tomorrow; then we’ve got ourselves a session fitted. Tonight, however, campers and staff had some joyful reunions, new meetings, and general mingling and merriment at the Chez Walzak BBQ.

Can’t wait for the campers to arrive!

Notes from the trenches

Hey all! Kim Greenawalt, your friendly RDA checking in! (I’m probably the one they called home to complain about when I gave them a physical theatre warm up that made them work harder than backup dancers in a Paula Abdul music video.) Lia and Adrienne asked the RDAs to blog and this bit of free time is one of the first nights I’ve had the energy (thanks to a quick Starbucks run) to write something. We keep a similar schedule to our 29 intrepid campers, getting up before them to make sure they are up by 7:30am and begging them to get to bed at 11:00pm and sleep. We accompany them to meals, rehearsals, workshops, and performances, acting as their mentors and advocates to the best of our ability.

Today was Lazy Day–a camper favorite! Most everyone checked out a key to explore downtown Staunton at some point before dinner. Some campers who live locally went out with parents for breakfast or lunch. Most everyone also worked in some capacity on their respective shows. All of the casts had a speed through (sitting around and running lines as fast as possible) in the afternoon and Henry 4 put some extra time into their opening song–an epic rendition of [REDACTED HIGHLY SECRET INFORMATION THE WORLD IS NOT READY TO KNOW YOU’LL HAVE TO COME TO THE PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL TO FIND OUT]. Torrow, I will be missing lazy day as we return to the usual grind, yet hopefully with renewed energy with anticipation of Saturday’s sonnet night and Sunday’s performances.

All my best,


Actor Meet ‘n Greet

After last Saturday’s performance of Peter and the Starcatcher, the campers got a special treat – their very own meet ‘n greet with the very people they’ve been watching perform on the Blackfriars Playhouse stage, learning from in Workshops and Master Classes, and generally idolizing since camp began: the actors!

It’s both endearing and entertaining to watch these young thespians interact with their professional counterparts. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

We had new campers meeting veteran actors, like Elliot and Josh Innerst (above) — and we also had veteran campers meeting new actors, like Carina and Lucy with and Allie Babich (below).

All in all, it was a pretty great night. Wasn’t it, Shawn?

Right on, Shawn. Toodles!