What is the “Extended Experience” week?

The Extended Experience week (XXW) is an opportunity for campers to get a little something extra out of their camp experience by joining camp staff on campus during the week between sessions. Session 1 campers who register for the Extended Experience week remain in Staunton after Session 1 ends until Orientation for Session 2 begins; and Session 2 campers arrive in Staunton on the last day of Session 1 to see the Final Performance Festival and stay until Session 2 begins. During this in-between week, campers continue to live in the MBU dorms and eat in the dining hall while under the supervision of camp staff.

Why is it called an “Extended Experience”?

Campers don’t just lounge around Staunton waiting for Session 2 to begin – they spend the week working as interns in various departments of the American Shakespeare Center. Campers extend what they’ve learned at camp to hands-on experience in a real-world professional theatre.

Previous internships have included working in the costume shop, doing dramaturgical research, and assisting with education administration. Available internships vary each year by availability, need, and interest.

Sound like all work and no play? Think again. XXW campers also get to join camp staff on an out-of-town field trip (or two). The super secret destination is always changing, but in the past campers have enjoyed trips to see plays in Richmond and DC, ride rollercoasters at Busch Gardens and King’s Dominion, and painting Lia’s house on Beverley and Fayette. (One of those may not be true.)

Sounds great, but I’d rather not. Can I still stay on campus for a few days after Session 1 ends/arrive a few days early for Session 2?

No. Campers who do not wish to participate in the XXW will need to check out of camp at the end of Session 1 on July 9th. We can offer one extra night in the dorms to accommodate travel arrangements, but campers may not stay past July 10th.


Does it cost extra?

Yes – tuition for the XXW is $840. This covers everything – all food and housing as well as administrative costs and field trip expenses. Plus, XXW campers retain the privilege of free admission to all American Shakespeare Center shows during their stay.

XXW costs will be added to the total price of tuition and may be included in payment plans.

How do I sign up?

Accepted campers can sign up for the XXW when completing their registration. Already registered but didn’t sign up? That’s okay — you’re allowed to change your mind. Get in touch with Lia if you’d like to join the XXW after registering. XXW registration will stay open until the experience begins on July 9.


Can I just do the XXW without attending either of the full sessions?

That’s an excellent question — and one I’ve never had to answer. As with many of the features of the ASC Theatre Camp, the answer will depend on the person doing the asking. Nothing is impossible. Never assume the “no.”

If you are interested in participating in the XXW without attending either full session, please contact me directly using the information at the bottom of the page.

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Lia Wallace
Camp Director & College Prep Programs Manager